You have probably tried many things to cure the pressure, overwhelm, and ongoing challenges. You’re taught to work longer and harder, take more on (learn success strategies, workshops, books, and reconnecting to find inspiration), and bury and push through the overwhelm.

But the reason why burying the overwhelm and working long and hard doesn’t work is because the overwhelm is still running in the background, affecting the quality of your actions.

You may have noticed that one right action made in clarity can do the work of hundred different actions done in overwhelm. Therefore, by creating space and nourishment within yourself first, the pressure and overwhelm goes away, and your heart brings clarity, quality, and ease to your actions and business.HOW TO GET YOUR BUSINESS OFF OF SQUARE WHEELS?

Our approach to business success and development works really well because it combines these four principles:

  1. Truth–because you have to know where you are starting from and what’s standing in your way. With that clarity, new possibilities for change are available.
  2. Love–not the squishy cuddle love, but rather an open heart available to connect with the relationships and decisions that strengthen your livelihood and well-being.
  3. Know How–because business is like a game, and you have to know which strategies work and how to effectively implement them.
  4. Power–because you are responsible for the success of your business and livelihood. You need the courage and strength to take a stand for what you believe in and live true to your heart’s desire.

When these four principles are in alignment, you have plenty of clients and money coming in, you have a nourishing livelihood, and you are making a difference in the world without sacrificing your heart and integrity.

That’s what Big Heart Small Business offers you.

Here’s Where to Start

If you are ready to have plenty of clients and money, and to have a nourishing livelihood, start this journey by getting my free workbook and on-going articles called The Three Jewels of Business. You can get that by clicking here.


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